Whatever happened to the ":play insert" command (for the neo4j browser)?

In one of the vids on the official Neo4j YouTube channel, the ":play insert" command (for the neo4j browser) is discussed - and it looks great... But where did it go?? I just tried it (using community version 4.0.6), and it's not there! It says "No guide by that name" :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did it get taken out? Is there something to install, to re-instate it?

The video in question is from last year: Quickly create example graph data for Neo4j using form fields in a Browser Guide - YouTube
(it has 35 likes and 0 dislikes - clearly, I'm not the only one that would like to use it...)


Julian. Good question and highlights that it's hard to keep up with what users assume is "just there" and what's custom. So this is not a part of the standard release or any other release for that matter.

Check this out: How to make a custom browser guide

As you'll learn, this "play: insert" is a custom guide the presenter or some associate has created. I'd assume he'd be willing to share and as you'll see, the "coding" is pretty basic, so will be easy to add. I'm not sure who the presenter is but maybe a post will unvail the mystery guest :slight_smile:


"not sure who the presenter is"... Well, that video is in the OFFICIAL neo4j YouTube channel! And just 1 year old... Maybe I can get this through to someone in the marketing dept....

I understand about custom guides.

But this particular one was a piece of fundamental functionality, extremely useful - "sneaked in" in the form of a custom guide.

I think that the root problem is that Neo4j is over-eager to steer people towards Bloom, and all the licensing involved with it... when many of us are seeking simpler tools. I personally ended up using a third-party tool called Commander ( neo4j Commander 3 ) that does a lot of what this "now-buried" custom guide used to do.