What would you want to know about Neo4j in the cloud?

Hi all - GraphConnect is just around the corner. Right now I'm working on putting together materials for my session on running Neo4j on cloud platforms; this one:

(I hope to see a lot of you there)

I already have some content planned that came directly from user conversations on Slack and here. But I'd love to hear from more of you who are already running Neo4j on cloud platforms, and find out what your pain points are and what you like, so we can make sure the session is as good as possible.

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I'd be curious to hear about the implications of where I host my app/api server on where I choose to host Neo4j in the cloud. Security benefits of being in the same VPC? Performance benefits of being in the same datacenter? Best practices for deploying together? Maybe it's just as simple as "if your app is hosted on AWS, deploy Neo4j on AWS", but I'd be curious of cases where that doesn't matter or is mitigated by other decision factors.

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Good question. I'll make sure we cover some of that. VPC / security architecture is an important point. There isn't a one sized fits all answer, but we can cover the pros and cons of doing it in various deployment architectures.