What will be username and password to connect in ipaddress of neo4j causal cluster

I'm connected to Neo4j causal cluster using one of the public ipadress of VM, but what will be username and password to connect

i have given admin-name and cluster-name and their passwords while creation. not sure what username , password to be used in this login page.

Hi @jothi.raje,

first read this: Set an initial password - Operations Manual
and this: Password and user recovery - Operations Manual

So If I good undestand, you want log to your neo4j cluster as another user than admin? Or you forgetten credentials ?

Don't use an http(s) address but the bolt URL with host and port!

I tried with adminusername and cluster user name.nothing worked
tried default username and password - neo4j and neo4j - did not work either

I have created new resource - neo4jvm - separate username and password was created
while login with public IP address, this user/password is not working