What type of instance type is best Suited for running Neo4J in AWS

Hi All

What type of instance type will give best performance for running Neo4J in AWS .

General Purpose
Compute Optimized
Memory Optimized
Accelerated Computing



There isn't a straight forward answer to the question except for "it depends".

Could you describe your dataset? The size, eg amount of nodes, relationships, if you already have it running locally database size.
And the workload is ofcoures a factor in sizing. If you're quering a lot you might need some more cpu power.

There is ofcourse the hardware calculator: Graph Database Sizing Calculator | Neo4j Hardware Sizing Calculator

And there is ofcourse also Neo4j Aura. This is fully managed and redundant.

Neo4j DB size 14.5GB
Node: 1148715
Relationship: 6133991

The version we are stilling using is version 2.2.2

The reason i asked this specific question was , our Infra Team Suggested that the compute instance gave better performance , than a General Purpose instance and was wondering , whether different type of instance have any performance impact on neo4j