What to do when Neo4j Desktop Activation Key isn't loading on Chrome

Hey everyone,
I'm new to neo4J. I seen a video on YouTube about the functionalities and capabilities of noe4j and it's got me really pumped to play around with it myself!

When I try to download it from the website, I get this:

The activation key isn't loading.... and I'm a little confused on how to proceed.

When I click on the " Your download should begin automatically in a few seconds. If it doesn’t, Click one of the links : Windows/OSX/Linux" links, I end up with this message:

It seems like the Activation Key not being able to load is preventing me from downloading neo4j desktop.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to alert the development team that download neo4j for Desktop isn't downloadable on Chrome? It works 100% on Firefox.

Welcome @hynes_zach to our Community!

Typically the problem with Chrome is security. Are you allowing pages from neo4j.com?

What version of Chrome are you using?