What is the "Eager Operator" and where can I find more info on it

I have noticed if I write queries with complex usage of the 'with' clause, I get the warning shown below discussing the 'eager' operator. Can someone tell me what this is, where can I find more info on it in the manuals, and what I can do in the sample query to eliminate the warning?


FROM 'file:///xxx.csv' as rowStore
with rowStore.Entity as Entity, rowStore.EventType as EventType, date(rowStore.Timestamp) as EventDate
merge(n:Entity{id: Entity})
merge(m:EventType{id: EventType})
on create set r.EventDate = EventDate
on match set r.EventDate = apoc.coll.min([r.EventDate, EventDate])
with n, EventDate
where r.EventDate <> apoc.coll.min([r.EventDate, EventDate])
delete r

I found this very useful: Cypher Sleuthing: the eager operator

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This looks really informative. Thanks very much.

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@glilienfield: Thanks for asking the question.
@youcef.kadri: Thanks a bunch for the useful article.