What is "Save as Project File"?

I see there is a File icon in a browser cell. The hint shows "Save as Project File". I'm not sure what that does. I haven't been able to find any documentation for it.

I tried it, but I got the unhelpful error msg "A network error has occurred." There's nothing in the log that gives me any clue as to what went wrong.

This is a local DB, so in theory there should be no networking needed.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Clem,
Project files is a new feature in Neo4j Desktop and Browser. For example, you can save queries from Browser as cypher files and they will be stored on disk and visible in Desktop. Same regarding neo4j-browser-guides files and others. Project files unlike favorites are project specific.

The documentation (developer guides) will be updated in the nearest future as well as the UI that will make it more clear what files are.

Regarding the error it would be great if you could provide steps to reproduce as well as Neo4j Desktop version, OS & version and User role: {admin or regular}

Liza Shkirando, UX designer (Neo4j Devtools)

I'm on MacBook Pro, Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina).
Neo4J 4.2.1 and Desktop 1.3.11

It's on a local DB.

The problem isn't reproducible. (I tried it with both VPN on and off). I may have a flaky network due to security software, but it's unclear what's going on. A better error message is needed!

It's also unclear where the project file gets saved either or what the file name is.

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Hi Clem,
By any chance do you know how to resolve the "A network error has occurred." error message?