Wget WikiLeaks cables and Combine with Offshore Leaks

My plan is to search the WikiLeaks cables for any Persons/Companies/Officers in the Offfshore leaks data and combine the two in a graph database (Neo4j). If anyone has wgot the WikiLeaks data can you let me know. I checked WikiLeaks but they don't seem to sell it as a download.

I am trying to download the WikiLeaks with wget but can't get a good index page to do it from.
The info on (https://cryptome.wikileaks.org/0003/wikileaks-wikiing-10-1207.htm) is out dated, a lot of broken links.

I have downloaded the key cable info without the body text from (WikiLeaks embassy cables: download the key data and see how it breaks down | The US embassy cables | The Guardian).
Good for a graph structure but I need the body text to search.

I am open to better ways of doing this.
This is my wget command and it only gets one cable.

wget -r --mirror --no-parent --convert-links Full-text search

I have found some ways of downloading cables.


Also this GitHub repository has the raw text for a lot of the cables but not all as I am noticing.

Also the related links cabless option is missing from a lot of these files but the good thing is I am getting the file references so I can work with these.
I will update again when I have more info.