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Technical Help
If you want help, feedback, or advice, we welcome you to create a new topic thread. Before you do, we ask that you:

  1. Do your own research, first! Check the developer guides, documentation, and history of past questions on the community site. No one wants to answer a question that is already well documented. On the other side, your question might be something that needs to be better documented or easier to find, so it's helpful to ask if you can't find your answer!
  2. Post in the correct category.
  3. Provide detail for your question. As you probably don't want to go back and forth with someone who is trying to help you get to a solution, it helps to provide the basics to make your question easier/faster to answer. (Things like, basic info, system info, what have you tried, what are you hoping to get at the end, etc.) Here are some Tips on How to Post a Good Question.
  4. Can't stress the importance enough, if someone is helpful to you with their reply, thank them and mark as a solution! Be grateful and kind.

Tell people about what you're working on! This category is for general discussions and knowledge sharing about projects / use cases / industries, etc.

  1. If you post about your project, you can continue replying (or editing) your original thread as your project develops and you learn more! Write about what you're working on, interesting resources you may have found that helped progress your project, etc. Our community loves learning from others!
  2. Collaboration on projects; find projects to collaborate on or start a project and find collaborators. (helps if you add [Looking for Collaborators] in the headline)

Blogs & Content
If you write a blog post or produce other types of content (video, presentation, etc.) about a Neo4j-related topic, you can share it here! You can also browse through content from other community members.
If you see something you found helpful or valuable, let the author know by giving it a 'heart' or commenting.

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Are you hiring? Are you looking for a job using Neo4j?
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