Want to put the Graph in GeoGraphy

Hey All!
I'm the GIS Manager for a mid-size city in South Florida.

I was captivated and inspired by Krzysztof Janowicz' article in the Spring 2021 ArcUser Magazine: "KnowWhereGraph Drive Analytics and Cross-Domain Knowledge".

Ever since that read, I've been researching graph data bases, semantic web, knowledge base, RDF via articles and videos. Today I finally loaded Neo4j desktop after a major fail at installing server for community.

I'd like to connect with any geospatial parties to better understand the technologies for integrating GIS and Graph data and visualization. Check out the article cited above and let me know if you're interested.

All the best,

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Hello @mhebert ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community! Neo4j spatial is probably the longest running specialized framework within the neo4j-contrib.

Around the community you can find topics posted under GeoSpatial - Neo4j Online Community or if you join us on Discord you'll find relevant discussions on the #data-models channel.

@craig.taverner is the beating heart of all the code, thinking and discussions around geo spatial, an amazing person with deep and broad understanding of the topic.

Hope all goes well with your work! Let us know the challenges you run into, and the victories large and small along the way.


Hi @mhebert ,
Been using OpenStreetMap and ArcGIS along with Neo4j for the past 3 years. Let me know how can I help you with GIS data.