Walt - Organizational Awareness using Graphs is our focus. Help making neo4j "non-code Joe" accessible is our challenge

I am at the bottom of the learning curve - expecting to ask some really dumb questions with the understanding that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Thanks for understanding. B

Where we are:
We have an accepted/bought-in-to data structure/model and a way to facilitate the extraction of our data from users, we have an external self-serve User Interface users have been using to capture nodes, establish relationships and apply labels and properties. This data set can be exported automatically into neo4j, we can run queries and customers are liking what they see.

Now we just need to make neo4j cypher queries accessible to fill in the blank, "Normal - Non-Code Joe".

So, I guess that is my first question, anyone done this already, where can you point me? Walt

Welcome Walt,

there are some options. Easiest is just to provide your users with forms that you use as parameters for pre-canned cypher queries.

There is also the option of encoding cypher queries as user defined procedures.

Some folks have also been working on query builders or DSLs for Neo4j. Depends a bit on your stack.
GraphQL with it's schema and easy querying could also be an option.

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