Vizualize co-occurence keyword graph

Hi everyone, i have 12 000 nodes which stores keywords and there is a SEEN relation with weight.
For example, if k1 and k2 has seen on 10 articles then k1-----SEEN {weight:10} --->k2
Now i want to visualize with the 5 most influencer. Actually something in the picture bellow. if it is possible how can i do it. Thanks for advance.

you can order by the sum of the weight.

match (k1:Keyword)-[seen:SEEN]-(k2)
with k1, sum(seen.weight) as weight
order by weight desc limit 5
match path= (k1:Keyword)-[seen:SEEN]-(k2)
return path

Hi Michael, first of all thank you. The piece of code you wrote works. The result in the pictures bellow.

However, it looks ugly :slight_smile:

How can I visualize the result with adjust different colors and sizes of nodes or the thickness of the weights. Thank you again.

You would do that in neo4j bloom, neo4j-browser is more a developer tool than a data visualization tool.

see here