Vivek Dubey -- Solution Architect - Neo4J Certified professional

Hi Folks,

I am very happy and pleased to join the community. I am a Technical Architect who is passionate about future and next-gen technologies.
I challenged myself to read and experiment Neo4j through Dec 2018 and I am happy that I devoted desired time & attention to comprehensively read through book : "Graph_Databases_2e_Neo4j". The book is an informative source for someone to start fresh on GRAPH Journey via Neo4j.

After reading the book, spending time on Online Training & careful review of Online Documentation, I challenged myself for Neo4j Professional Certification and I wrote it successfully.

However the journey has just begun, and I will devote myself further to do some useful implementations on Neo4j.

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Hi Vivek Dubey, I am new to neo4j. Can you recommended some learning material which can help me to get started with neo4j?

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Start with first 5 (alteast 4) chapters of "Graph_Databases_2e_Neo4j.pdf" (free ebook you can download from Neo4J website by registering yourself)

I would highly recommend to go through in detail about Online Documentation & Free online training provided at

Neo4j Certified Professional | Free Neo4j Courses from GraphAcademy - has a section " Where can I learn the required skills?" which provides reference to everything you need.

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We appreciate that you are helping others, Vivek! And this is a great success story in such a short amount of time! :smile: