Visualizing the mapped graph table with ontology


I have an RDF data of gas utilities and I mapped the fields with the relevant ontology.
My question is how can I visualize the ontology and mapped data?
Attached is the image I wanted to see.


To visualise the ontology, you just import the ontology and visualise it. To visualise the instance data of the ontology, you just import that data and visualise it.

As I understand you want to visualise the connection between the ontology and the instance data. This is probably a bit more difficult. I guess you need to import the ontology and you also need to import the data. Then you need to connect each instance of each class in the ontology, with the class in the ontology, and then you need to create a cypher query that can extract exactly that connection in order to visualise it (for example in the browser).

Are you developing applications for industry or industrial safety?


You have to load the schema file xsd into Neo4j dB. There are call procedures starting from call db.proc(param).Please refer to online docs if you want more syntactic details.

Many thanks
Mr Sameer S G