Virtual: Neo4j Desktop 1.4 Demo

Join us for a live demo and Q&A session for Neo4j Desktop 1.4.0 on 2021-01-21T16:00:00Z

New Features

  • Refresh of the user interface for the main Project page
  • Don't auto-update graph-apps. With this change, the user decides when it's time to update (available updates are visible in the Notification Center)
  • Drag to move/copy DBMS between projects

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a-href links so they open in external web browser
  • Fixed issue with graph apps using node (use bundled node instead of system)
  • Open logs in window
  • Fixed issue where log view jumped to the beginning when updates happened
  • Fixed resetting DBMS password in Windows
  • Prompt user to re-install graph app if the graph app has been corrupted
  • Fixed issue where Desktop failed to show files

Zoom Meeting :video_camera:

Google Calendar Event :spiral_calendar:

Is that PDT time zone?

Scheduled at 17:00 CET (Stockholm), which should be 8am PT (Los Angeles).

Reminder to join us today for a demo of the latest features in Neo4j Desktop 1.4 with Liza Shkirando, product designer extraordinaire!

Starting at the top of the hour. Join us!

I've heard some requests for a US timezone friendly reprise of this event?

Like this post, or reply, if you'd be interested.