Views or Subgraphs


I have a application with make few graphs under the same neo4j server, my problem here is I need the hability to make views for distinct user and user should can throw cypher query all they want, but under view or subgraph they are working.

CALL algo.<name>(
  'MATCH (n) RETURN id(n) AS id',
  "MATCH (n)-->(m) RETURN id(n) AS source, id(m) AS target",
  {graph: "cypher"})

I found cypher projections solution, but this solution let user the responsability of target and source, I like that it's transparent for users, and users only throws cyphers queries and work only on subgraph or view.

Other point is actualy i working with neo4j 3.5 server, but I like solutions for newest versions, but my version target is neo4j 3.5


( PD: Sorry for my write hability i tried made my best )

Please take a look here : Fine-grained access control - Operations Manual , especially at chapter "11.3.4. Sub-graph access control using privileges"

Assuming, by your name, that your native language is Spanish: Fine-grained access control - Operations Manual

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Thanks! that's look interesting

But my model data is huge and my queries isn't be simply, for example a query not efficient can cost five minutes to finish ¿You think add roles to my database can increase the cost of queries?

Guess this would be something you'll have to find out.