Venki, a wannabe Complexity Scientist from India

Hi all!

I am Venki and I am a Tamil who lives in Bangalore, India.

I am a Physicist by training and have a broad interest in Complexity Science. I used Network Theory to understand the Protein-Protein Interaction Network of Alzhiemer's Disease during my Master's Degree in Physics. That is how I got interested in Networks and in Data Science.

I have been working as a Data Analyst for the past 10 months and have been writing a lot of SQL queries. All the joins started looking ugly and I had a nagging sensation that somehow a network data structure can help things. I started googling and that is how I found Neo4j! This happened a few months ago.

Just yesterday I actually started learning Neo4j thanks to the inspiration I got from all the cool projects that were proposed as part of the Graphs4Good GraphHack. Hopefully, I will learn enough before April 14 to make some meaningful contribution!

Welcome; if you need any help, kindly let me know

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