Using the embedded database for unit and integration tests (need help with security model)

Hi all,

We're running 3.5 and are trying to use the embedded instance to run some of our unit and integration tests (springboot data services). We'd like to be able to enable security on this instance (via and exercise some tests on various roles.

Right now we're trying to add users to this instance with the withConfig() option sending in statements like '.withConfig('','someuser,somepass,false')'. This doesn't seem to work. Just wondering if there is a way to add users to the embedded instance and how we might do that.

Thanks in advance.

I prefer install a central version on a server. However You have seen this


Hi there, thanks for the reply. I don't know that we would be able to quickly deploy/undeploy a centralized server for integration testing.

Will take a look at the sdn-rx test capabilities. Thanks for the heads up!