Using neo4j-graphql.js with apollo gateway (federation)

Apollo is now promoting an alternative to schema stitching called federation using an apollo gateway. Its not clear how the map to the underlying datastore but it appears to be sql format since they speak about foreign keys and primary keys. Will neo4j-graphql.js work with this new tool?

Paging @William_Lyon who is the best person to answer this question.

Hey @mail2michaelenn -

I haven't gotten a chance to try Apollo Federation yet, but after watching some demos and looking through the source code a bit I think we should be able to make it work.

Someone has tried using Apollo Federation with neo4j-graphql.js a few days ago and it didn't seem to work out of the box for them, so looks like we'll need to figure out a way to make this work. As I'm sure Apollo Federation will be a popular tool, we will add support for it - just need to figure out what updates are required and find the time for it.

There is an issue tracking this here: Feature request: makeAugmentedSchema and Apollo's buildFederatedSchema integration support · Issue #260 · neo4j-graphql/neo4j-graphql-js · GitHub

It would be great if you could give it a try with neo4j-graphql.js and report your findings in the Github issue.


Thanks Will......will do.