Using neo4j-database to move data between neo4j instances

I want to get data from one neo4j instance A and create nodes based on it in another neo4j instance B.

What’s the cleanest way to do that? I’d prefer not to have to deal with exporting and importing from files.

I’m using neo4j-driver in node.js.

So I could have a sessionA and a sessionB for instances A and B respectively. I want to:

  1. use sessionA to get some nodes
  2. create the nodes using sessionB.

I think that step 1 is trivial, but I’m not sure the best way to achieve step 2. Should I use a json as a parameter?

for whatever sub graph, open sessionA, open sessionB inside it, and write to B what you read from A.

similar to logic to read from graph and write to a file, or the screen even.