Using bloom to show data to my end users


I can't find a definitive answer, so gonna post here.

Since finding graph databases and bloom I can't stop thinking of all the ways I could use it to build my product.

The question is - for MVP/prototyping stage, I would love to use bloom as a tool for MY end users to explore graphs related to them. Can this be achieved or do I have to go open source ( way?


Hi, also wondering the same, does anyone have an aswer on this? @algirdas.rumsas did you find out?

I have searched these forums for d3js and I have yet to find something describing how to go from neo4j into d3 format, preferably with a little python or javascript code. Currently my backend is python and I query neo4j but I was trying to see if someone had already created a robust code to go from neo4j format into a D3 format... :frowning:

Hi @algirdas.rumsas, @jlvvlj and @bafonso,

thank you for reaching out!

Neo4j Bloom is an end user application and does not have an API that could be used to integrate Bloom with another app for end users.

There are different graph visualisation tools and libraries (such as d3.js that already you mentioned) compiled in this list, some with links to example projects using the library with Neo4j drivers. I also recommend this Observable notebook, which outlines how to connect to Neo4j with the JavaScript driver and mapping the records to a d3.js graph.

I hope these resources are helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Many thanks,