Using and Managing Multiple ontologies : Core, Domain Ontology and Reference ontologies

@jesus.barrasa , Thank you for guidance and sharing knowledge of ontology in neo4j.
based on resonating thoughts, I am working on developing pvt vocabulary, taxonomy for pvt context based ontology for smart connected initiatives. It Primarily depends on vocabularies used from various applications, industry reference databases and emerging industrial ontologies.

I have gone through Neosemantics mannual and blogs of RDF VS LPG and used n10s plugin.
Have loaded one of the core ontology. Before I load various ontology, whish to know methodical way or step by step process, Which covers realizing enabling knowledge graph approach of enabling and managing various ontologies and metadata models.

Also wish to know create multi-models connected with pvt ontology
Also, wish to know Ontology editors than can connect with Neo4j
Also, wish to know how to use prefix based on domain and vocabulary to enable graph.