Using a Powershell wrapper to securely authenticate to Neo4J and execute CYPHER using Bolt

I wrote a powershell wrapper to store datasource information to allow a method to securely store/retrieve user/password to connect to a Neo4j database using BOLT via powershell and run a cypher query. This allows for automation without having to store your neo4j credentials in clear text within a powershell script.

As I'm moving some of my connected enterprise project into semi-production use I needed to run some CYPHER on a schedule but want to do this securely.

Thanks to Gelnn Sarti for his post that got me started on this path.

Here's my blog post describing it in more detail.

And the scripts in github

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Hi Paul!
This is awesome! Can you share a link to your Blog post also under #community-content-blogs category? We can add a tag to it and add it to the community homepage. :smile: