User privileges questions for Neo4j v4.x

It probably is something rather simple but I cannot find the information in any manual. I started to look into the extensive user access privileges options in v4.x and created a new user, assigned a role and added grants to the role. Now I like to test the access by becoming this new user.

  • How do I switch in Neo4j Browser to change from the typical admin to this new user? So that I get a username and password prompt?

  • How can I see which user I am when logged in? I can see it in the browser tab on Safari, but is there a command on the browser itself to see who I am?

Thank you in advance.

  • entering :server disconnect in the browser and at the cypher prompt will disconnect the current sesion and reprompt your for new auth credenitals

  • call dbms.showCurrentUser(); will indicate what user you are logged in as

Perfect, thank you, much appreciated!