User Defined Procedures in Desktop 4.1

Is there a working example for creating a user defined procedure extension for 4.1?
The existing template does not work

Max is the bible you read first :slight_smile:
i just looked at his latest post and voila. here's a github link

There is no procedure with the name registered for this database instance. Please ensure you've spelled the procedure name correctly and that the procedure is properly deployed.

The plug-in is installed and the database starts. I also changed the config file but I get this error message.

i haven't read that blog yet but i just

git clone
mvn clean package
  • copied the newly created one_direction-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file to a plugins folder of a database
  • changed the config file line to*,com.maxdemarzi.
  • started the database
  • CALL dbms.procedures() yield name where name = "" return name
    and sure enough it was there

Yes it works. I had the wrong version for neo4j in the pom.xml file. However the
same message appears with the example"

// One Filter
CALL com.maxdemarzi.boolean.filter("Order", {not:false, and:[
{property: "color", values: ["Blue"], not: false}
]}, 10)

well; like I said I haven't looked at the code for that one, but haven't seen any of his published work fail yet so i'll assume user error :wink:

Regardless I thought you just wanted to write your own and needed a starting point :slight_smile: that should get you there. as a side note truly read his stuff, good ideas and so much to learn from

thanks so much for all your help