URL to use to connect a neo4j database from Aura to Tableau or Power BI


I have created a neo4j database in Aura and I need to connect it to Tableau or Power BI to do some reporting. The connexion does not succeed. I'm not sure what is the URL for the neo4j server in case of a database created in Aura.. My url is something like neo4j+s://xxxxx.databases.neo4j.io so I'm a little bit confused.

Thank you for any clue...I'm new to neo4j

That URL should work, what kind of error are you're getting with the BI connector?

Did you follow the BI connector docs?

Thank you.

Yeah, I have the Neo4j BI connector under the drivers folder of Tableau. when I try connecting Neo4j, I have the following error

when i try to put the whole url: neo4j+s://xxxxx.databases.neo4j.io i have an error that the driver is not isntalled.

I'm a little bit confused: When i connect a DB from my localhost, the connection is established. Also when i connect a DB with a regular address IP it works.
I'm only facing this problem with a db created in Aura.

Thank you for your help

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I also have this exact same issue connecting Tableau to Aura. Same error message

@saloua.bennani91 Did you manage to find any solution here?

@michael.hunger Can you replicate this on your end, am I correct to say that BI Connector is currently incompatible with an Aura DB?

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You can find the full documentation here: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/dist.neo4j.org/Neo4j-BI-Connector-1.0.8-docs.pdf

The connection string you should use for JDBC would look like this:


Note that in JDBC, you always have to start with "jdbc:neo4j" this tells your java layer which driver to use, the JDBC one provided by Neo4j.

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Please Note: This has nothing to do with it being Aura or not. Any ssl protected Neo4j database, whether on-prem, in the cloud, or Aura will need to use SSL=true with the BI Connector.