Uploading CSV file to Neo4j Sandbox

I would like simple instructions on how to load a csv file from my C drive into Neo4j SANDBOX
I read that "Comment the line dbms.directories.import=import (put a # before it)" but where can I find this line?

Hey @shariri

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Importing files in Neo4j Sandbox works a bit differently. Sandboxes are instance that are spun up and hosted in the cloud and expire after a certain period of time. Because of this, the security settings do not allow sandboxes to access local file settings on a desktop. Any files that need to be imported must be stored or placed in a remote location that the instance can access – like GitHub, a website, Google Drive, or Dropbox. We will look at examples for each of the locations for importing into a Neo4j Sandbox instance.

For more..https://neo4j.com/developer/kb/import-csv-locations/

If you want to bulk import it will be easier to just download Neo4j Desktop and do it there.

For online import see: