Upgrade @Properties(prefix = "property", allowCast = true) to SDN6

I'm trying to upgrade my SDN application to SDN 6 and right now don't know how to upgrade the following construction:

@Properties(prefix = "property", allowCast = true)
private Map<String, Object> properties;

How to define it in SDN 6? Thanks!

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You would use the @CompositeProperty annotation. This will work with Map<String/Enum, Object> .

Here is the link to the documentation with some further information. Spring Data Neo4j

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Thanks for your answer! Unfortunatly, I unable to fully test it right now because blocked with Migration to SDN 6 - issue with relationship between nodes

Also, one addtional question regarding allowCast = true attribute of @Properties annotation. I do not see the same attribute for the @CompositeProperty. Do we still need it or @CompositeProperty will work out of the box without such attribute? Thanks!