Upgrade Disaster - 4.0 to 4.1 - Slow and Browser fails

We recently ( Saturday night) upgrade the Neo4j DB servers to 4.1. At the same time we upgraded all of the desktops. So we are all on 4.1 across the board. Latest releases.

As soon as we did, three things went wrong. One is annoying (1) but 2 & 3 are almost fatal.

  1. APOC now has a required conf file (documentation) but it is being ignored by the load. Either the documentation is incorrect, or the system is not understanding config file.
  2. Performance has gone down to the point where a transaction set (54K) that used to load in 6 min is now taking 23. No other changes and we are running the same set of network analyzers. The network is not the issue as far as response back and forth. This is APOC.
  3. Getting an odd message when we log in that shows a neo4j+s// or a bolt+s// which, based on the next set of comments, looks like the values for userid etc are not being instantiated correctly. Same is true for Chrome, Firefox, etc.

When we access it from the desktop app, and connect using that environment, it all works perfectly. But as it stands, we are crippled and of course, installing neo4j desktop on all the users desks is unacceptable.

I don't see anyone else complaining. Need help though.

Hi Bill, APOC releases are updated frequently these days...
There is a "Core" and a "Full" version now.
Double-check on Releases · neo4j-contrib/neo4j-apoc-procedures · GitHub that you are using the one matching the 4.1 release.

Make sure there is only one in the plugin folder; I would try them both and see if they have different behaviour.

On that transaction set could you tell us a bit more on what kind of data it is and how you load it? Presumably with APOC calls but which ones?

Regarding #3 ; are you referering to connecting to the graph via the webinterface running on the server? The http://server.ip:7474/ one? Make sure you cleared your cookies and cache after the upgrade.

Hope this helps..