Unexpected trigger behaviour?

I am using Neo and Apoc 3.5.
In my application I want to have some unchanging ID for nodes and relations, so i use a trigger to add an uuid as node_id and a rel_id (to be able to keep track of things after creating virtual relations and one is not supposed to use the internal Neo4j ID).
I then decided that I want to have some attributes as separate nodes, so I added a trigger that triggers on a User node being created and makes a Name node and links it. Works perfect..

HOWEVER: I realized that the nodes created by the User trigger did not get a node_id. It seems that triggers does not trigger on nodes created by triggers?
This is, at least for me, quite unexpected and it breaks down the whole usage of triggers for me. Is there any parameters I have missed or such, or do I just have to find some other way of doing things?

(I use phase: before on all triggers, as after seems to just make everything hang and never finish as has been pointed out elsewhere)