Unable to see the plugin option for neo4j remote DBMS connection

I have created a remote DBMS connection but am unable to see plugin options in the side tab. only able to see those options for the Local DBMS connection.

Whereas am able to see the plugins tab for the sample Movies Database project using Local DBMS .

Why is this so ?

Did you try selecting the Remote DBMS. From the screenshot it appears you have selected only the Movie Data base

Just realised that I uploaded the wrong screenshot. Here is the one that supports my claim. On the right, there are no plugin option.

The inability to view plugins is regardless of whether the Remote DBMS is connected or not.

You seem to be running Neo4j in offline mode can you please try to disable offline mode and check

Hi, I have disable the offline mode. Still the plugins don't appear.

Hello @e0508081 and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

You cannot see plugins for remote databases in Neo4j Desktop, the application only see plugins for local databases. If you wanna check if APOC or GDS is installed, you can execute these queries:

  • APOC: CALL apoc.help("")
  • GDS: CALL gds.list