Unable to load json through APOC JsonParseException


Some details on Config:
Neo4j Browser version: [4.2.6]

Neo4j Server version: [4.2.1]


I am trying to upload a json file into neo4j browser. However, the following error is throwing up.

Also, the file that I am trying to upload is this subset_1.txt (converted from json to txt format for uploading on the discussion forum): subset_1.txt (1.0 MB)

Any idea on why this json while is not getting loaded and what this error means? do I need to reformat my json file to upload on Neo4j

Hello @e0508081 :slight_smile:

There is an error in your JSON that's why APOC can't parse it. Your JSON is not valid, you need to find the character that breaks the file.

You can use this tool to help you.


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Alternatively, if you use python:

import json

will report the line and column number where it is having trouble.