Unable to load db dump from 3.5.x into 4.x

Ultimate goal is to upgrade from 3.5.x to 4.x.


neo4j-admin load --verbose --from=/tmp/db.dump --database=my-data


neo4j-admin load --verbose --from=/tmp/db.dump --force

both give me 'database "" is unavailable'. Doesn't seem to matter whether I specify a new name or let it use the default.

When I try neo4j-admin check-consistency --database=<name from above> Im told

"Failure when checking for recovery state: Error reading transaction logs, recovery not possible. To force the database to start anyway, you can specify 'unsupported.dbms.tx_log.fail_on_corrupted_log_files=false'. This will try to recover as much as possible and then truncate the corrupt part of the transaction log. Doing this means your database integrity might be compromised, please consider restoring from a consistent backup instead."

If I try it on the dump file it gets more entertaining:

# neo4j-admin check-consistency --backup=/tmp/db.dump
Report directory path doesn't exist or not a directory: /tmp/db.dump

# ls -al /tmp/db*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 41720297 Sep  3 12:34 /tmp/db.dump

Anyway - the upgrade from 3.5 to 4.x is confusing. If anyone can shed some light on what I'm doing wrong I'd be most appreciative.

I'm having the same issue - any update on this?

Check this document: neo4j-upgrade-migration-guide.pdf.

The neo4j-admin copy command is an Enterprise Edition feature. Therefore, it is not possible to migrate to a Community Edition, for example, from Neo4j Community Edition 3.5 to Neo4j Community Edition latest. However, you can use it to migrate from Neo4j Community Edition to Neo4j Enterprise Edition. (see Chapter 3)