Unable to install plugins


I'm trying to install neo4j plugins but the button is disabled. I managed to install it manually by copying the jars into the DB/plugins folder. However, I'd like to know what's the issue when doing it through the user interface:

When hovering the button I see a message that says "Offline".

Installation details:
Neo4j DB version: 3.5.5
Neo4j desktop 1.1.22

I saw this thread but didn't help. All my graphs are installed locally:


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you need to switch your Desktop into "online" mode. Click on the steering wheel on the left, there you'll find a Offline mode checkbox. Uncheck it.
Depending on your network env you might need to configure proxy settings.


Many thanks Stefan.
that was it!

I agree , we have to uncheck offline mode and verify online status so that Desktop is in "Online" mode. Find the screenshot below:

I am still having this problem with desktop v1.2.5 (Windows) with Neo4j 4.0.2. I created a test graph to follow the course on graph algorithms but I cannot install the Graph Algorithms plugin as there is no install button for it. I have the offline radio button unchecked in settings. Not sure how to proceed.

The graph algo library (renamed to graph data science library) is not yet available for Neo4j 4.x.x. It's gonna take couple of weeks until it will arrive.

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Ok so if anyone else is trying to do this, through trial and error of creating a few versions it seems like 3.5.13 lets you install the same thing in the tutorial called "Graph Algorithms". I'm not sure if there is another page somewhere or a label or something where you can tell what versions of the tool the plugins support but that would be a nice feature.