Unable to get the some links using id of node

Hi ! I m using the link prediction model for predicting links. I would like to get 2k links only for one node using TopN method. I give the id of the node as follows.

WITH "CALL gds.alpha.ml.pipeline.linkPrediction.predict.stream('POI', {
  modelName: 'mylinkpredict_with_embedding',
  relationshipTypes: ['RELATION'],
  topN: 20000,
  threshold: 0.00001,
  concurrency: 1
}) YIELD node1, node2, probability
  MATCH (n), (m) WHERE id(n) = 4461 AND id(m) = node2  RETURN n.nodeid AS node1, m.nodeid AS node2, probability " AS query
  CALL apoc.export.csv.query(query, "result.csv", {}) YIELD file RETURN file;

My concern is that I am not able to see the predicted links as function of distance. I use l2 link combiner and give only latitude as feature.