Unable to find project menu in community edition

I am using Neo4j Community Edition version 3.3.0
I couldn't see embedded menu like projects , my projects , ETL DB , plugins etc..

I am not sure of root cause , could any one pl help
I would want to explore with plugins and routines , but got stuck here

There is no option to upload an image here to explain better :(


You can reply to your own post and attach an image there.


The features you're missing are in Neo4j Desktop. There's now Desktop + Community variant.

hi Stefan
Thanks for the response
Desktop + Community -- Is it an open source version , which can be downloaded online
Kindly clarify

Desktop is not open source. Also Desktop doesn't allow you to manage community edition instances

But it comes with a free developer edition of Neo4j enterprise.
And you can connect to remote databases of any kind.

And yes Desktop is free to use.