Unable to export a projected graph to a new database

Hello Everyone,

I have created a named graph with Cypher projection and I want to export this graph to a new database (GDS version: 1.7.2, neo4j version: 4.2.2). I followed the same procedure as mentioned here Export operations - Neo4j Graph Data Science, that is, first exporting the graph and then creating the database.

CALL gds.graph.export('test', { dbName: 'dbprojection' })
:use system
CREATE DATABASE dbprojection;

So, after I manually create the database, I expected that dbprojection should contain the nodes and relationships which I had exported earlier but it's empty.

The below query return zero nodes.

:use dbprojection

I checked the databases under the location /var/lib/neo4j/data (Default file locations - Operations Manual) where I can see that dbprojection is present. On comparing with other databases where I get the nodes on querying, there is this profile folder which is missing in dbprojection. Can this be the reason or is it something totally different. I also tried creating the database first(opposite of what's given in the documentation) and then exporting, but it also didn't work. Could you please help. Thanks in advance.

This should work.

Can you check the contents of your test database (using CALL gds.graph.list('test')) to make sure it isn't empty?