Unable to connect to Neo4j graph db using neo4j / neo4j nor neo4j / my_password (using py2neo)

I'm getting:

neobolt.exceptions.AuthError: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure.

Using code:

from py2neo import Graph
graph = Graph("bolt://localhost:7687", user="neo4j", password="neo4j")

tx = graph.begin()
for name in ["Alice", "Bob", "Carol"]:
    tx.append("CREATE (person:Person {name:{name}}) RETURN person", name=name)
alice, bob, carol = [result.one for result in tx.commit()]

Neither will it work with my custom password as set when I created the graph using the Neo4j Desktop tool.

Neither can I login with any combination to http://localhost:7474.

And I can't figure out where to enter in the first command on this password recovery page:

namely, bin/neo4j stop.