Unable to connect to database

This is my first time posting. I have been working on a neo4j project for a couple of months now, teaching myself along the way. I created a database and eventually loaded it with a lot of sample data from CSV. However, a couple of days ago, I wanted to rearrange the model so I proceeded to delete the data. Because of how much data there is, and my database doesn't seem like it can handle large transactions, I followed these instructions so I can start from scratch again:

What I did was to navigate to this location: data/databases/ and rename my database to a new name, so I basically rename neo4j to neo4j_old. I rebooted the server, and logged in again, where the new db was created "neo4j" in the location data/databases/. Ok, so far this looks like the plan is working.

So I open the browser similar to this: http://localhost:7474/ except I use an IP address instead of localhost. That looks good too. It says my default database is neo4j.

But, I am unable to do anything with it. I get the following error:

I also tried with the desktop browser. I disconnected and reconnected back to the server and I am still getting the same error. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

The meaning of the exception as per the documentation: "The request referred to a database that does not exist."

The steps which you followed look really promising and on a high note, everything looks good.
Can you please check neo4j server logs and provide snippet if possible.

Logs directory:- NEO4J_HOME/logs

Can you rever back and the old database and try to connect if the same issue coming or not? It seems issue is due to renaming the database.

Thanks for your replies. I did go back to the old database and everything worked, so the issue was due to renaming the folder. I actually since moved my work to my mac, instead of using the digital ocean server I was using, so I am able to have a clean slate and start over.

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Okay, good to hear this.