Unable to connect Neo4j Desktop to the internet inside Azure VM

Hi guys,

I've been trying to get Neo4j Desktop working in my new Azure VM instance without success. Basically, Desktop loads but maintains that it can't connect to the internet. I created an Inbound and Outbound firewall rule for "Neo4j Desktop.exe" to allow all traffic, but it's had no affect at all.

Basically, I need Neo4j Desktop to be online so I can install 3.5.8 into it to load my DB. If I can't get that working I will try and upgrade to 3.5.9, but I've always had issues in the past upgrading to anything.

Any thoughts on what might be blocking Neo4j Desktop online access? I'm not aware that I need to create a proxy on an Azure VM ... I couldn't see anything in the Azure docs about needing a proxy for software on the VM.


I assume by "Azure VM" you mean you've launched a windows instance in Azure, and you're trying to install Neo4j Desktop into that instance, is that right?

First, can you verify that a browser inside of your Azure VM can connect to the wider internet? When you create a VM, there are probably a dozen ways that the wider azure infrastructure can block your VM's access to the internet. If the way the VM is configured is the issue, then adjusting local firewall rules inside of the VM won't help.