Unable to connect Neo4j Desktop in PowerBI Desktop with Neo4j connector


I would like to connect Neo4j to PowerBI.

So I did the following steps following this link Release Version 1.0.0 · cskardon/Neo4jDataConnectorForPowerBi · GitHub

  1. Copy to your /Documents/Power BI Desktop/Custom Connectors folder (if you don't have that folder - create it!)
  2. Allow Power BI to see the connector
  3. Open Power BI Go to File -> Options and Settings -> Options Select 'Security' from the left hand side bar
  4. In the 'Data Extensions' section, select: (Not Recommended) Allow any extension to load without validation or warning Say OK
  5. Close and restart Power BI Press Get Data and choose Neo4j

At the end I have this:

enter image description here

And I finish with the following error:

Details: "We found extra characters at the end of JSON input."

Neo4j is well running with the good database locally.