Unable to complete Exercise 19 due to password error? [resolved]

So I ran through the guides, installed everything and double checked.

But I can't seem to get groovy import.groovy to work even after modifying the username and password, it keep giving me this error:

Caught: org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.AuthenticationException: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure.

I tried creating a new local DBMS with a new name and password and it still doesn't seem to work...

NEO4J=[url:"bolt://localhost:7687", user:"Groovy",pass:"groovy"];

What is the user in this case? I put in the name of the DBMS... should it be the name of the database? products?
Am I putting in the wrong info?

Edit: nevermind, I'm a dumb dumb. user is neo4j and password is whatever you set the password for the new DBMS to be.

Excellent! Glad you solved the problem on your own.