Unable to call gds.alpha.node2vec.stream

Error - Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureNotFound

There is no procedure with the name gds.alpha.node2vec.stream registered for this database instance. Please ensure you've spelled the procedure name correctly and that the procedure is properly deployed.

Lib Details -
Graph Data Science Library Version 1.6.4
DBMS Version 4.2.10

Hello @kushwah.raja1 :slight_smile:

If you use the version 1.6.4 of GDS, Node2Vec is in beta so the function is: gds.beta.node2vec.stream.


I have tried with gds.beta.node2vec.stream but still getting the same error.

There is a typo: you wrote gds.beta.node2vec.strea instead of gds.beta.node2vec.stream :slight_smile:

Thanks it works by replacing parameter embeddingSize to embeddingDimension