Typescript supported OGM for Neo4J

Are there any supported OGMs that play nice with ts and frameworks like NestJs or Adonis. Most of the existing libraries i have seen are either unsupported or doesnt play nice with ts

Hi @JMW ,

Neo4j does not yet have an officially supported OGM for Typescript/Javascript. There is some work-in-progress that related to neo4j/graphql which could be worth checking out: graphql/packages/graphql at master · neo4j/graphql · GitHub

Also, I think Drivine is a pretty good fit for use with nestjs that plays nicely with Typescript. @jasperblues visits here so you could reach out to learn more if you'd like.


Thanks @abk for the response, I will look into them, just realised that the github link is dead or private, right ?

Apologies, you are correct. The neo4j/graphql work is still in early alpha, not yet publicly released.


Feel free to post any questions about Drivine on the github repo @JMW !!

Note that it is not an OGM in the traditional sense:

  • Traditional OGM takes a single set of domain entities and generates queries for many use-cases.
  • Drivine encourages use-case specific queries, and provides the infrastructure to have a clean architecture and remove boiler-plate code. It allows using common design patterns (repositories, declarative txns, etc) in order to have clarity and maintainability. The actual mapping layer is (intentionally) light-weight.

I created it for use in high-traffic applications that have a lot of custom queries and where GraphQL (say with GrandStack) wouldn't be the ideal fit.

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