Turtle file for ML provenance - MLSchema

Hi @jesus.barrasa ,
Hey there, neo4j community! I am very new to neosemantics, but played around with the music.ttl examples successfully.
I am trying to develop a KG for ML lifecycle provenance, has anyone already succeeded in this area? If so, please guide me to such blogs, podcasts.

I am getting this error, when I uploaded a turtle file and view the KG. Please suggest me how to resolve this.

"Error Running Query
Failed to invoke procedure n10s.rdf.stream.inline: Caused by: n10s.RDFImportException: Expected '.', found ':' [line 37]"

Hi @Isha!
Could you please share more details so we can try to reproduce the behavior you're finding?
Are you passing an RDF fragment as a string to your procedure?