Trying to visualize the entire graph

Hi all,

This feels like a serious case of RTFM, but I can't seem to find the answer to a rather silly question.

I am trying to display the entire graph in http://localhost:7474/browser/ , so I entered MATCH (n) RETURN n and it shows a large graph, however, not complete. If I double click on nodes, I see more edges and more nodes popping up. I searched some more and found MATCH (n) OPTIONAL MATCH (n)-[r]-(m) RETURN n,r,m, but that returned pretty much the same result, and I could expand nodes by double clicking on them..

What am I missing?


Hi @sv1 ,

How large is the graph, in nodes + relationships? It is possible that Browser's query result limit is dropping the tail of the result set. To clarify, you'll find settings in Neo4j Browser's sidebar which affect how much of the query result is retained, and also limits on the visualization itself.


Fair warning, increasing the limits too far is likely to cause significant performance degradation of Neo4j Browser. Neo4j Bloom has much better performance for visualizing large graphs.

As a check, try only returning connected paths with something like:

MATCH p=()-->() RETURN p



Hi @abk,

Thank you for the reply!

The graph at the moment have 576 nodes and 1042 relationships, which is hitting the limits (that I was not aware of!).

That's fine, I don't really need to browse the full graph, I was just surprised at the behavior, and thought there was something wrong with the node/edge insertion.



the other aspect is without a limit, if you had a graph that had 100,000 nodes and then the browser tried to render/display all 100,000 nodes it becomes awfully unmanageable to make sense of the data since the entire results panel would be full of nodes

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@dana.canzano very true, was just trying to get a sense if my node/edge insertion logic works properly. Can't really manage such gigantic graph visually!

Thank you both for replying so quickly, problem solved!

@sv1 you might want to try the SemSpect Graph App to explore you graph if it is too big for standard renderings like Browser or Bloom.

You can install SemSpect from the Graph App Gallery or follow the instructions here: Neo4j Graph App | SemSpect

If you work locally the free version should cover your needs.

Disclaimer: I am one of the people behind SemSpect.


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