Trying to load csv data onto neo4j server nodes and relationships not showing

as i load my data into neo4j i have already imported the files but when i load cypher shows new nodes ahve been created and so but they are not appearing on the database panel to show they have successfully loaded am i doing something wrong

Whether you choose the default database is correct? On other hand, you can check whether any nodes or relationships being existed in your Neo4j instance/database. Run this cypher as bellow:

match (n) return labels(n) as node_label, count(n) as node_count;

Good luck!

its loading like this but stillnodes are not appearing in the database

Hi @tinotendamatura, I can not see any :USE database statement in the browser. Whether the Neo4j instance has been installed and working correctly. Furthermore, can you share some records being existed in the CSV file?

this is one of the codes

part of the file the file

Hi @tinotendamatura , It's look everything is working well. Which Neo version are you using?
Did you run my cypher and show me the output result. Let try with another browser to double check the graph visualization. I recommend using the Microsoft Edge as the Neo4j's browser.

From your browser screen shot it's clear that your db is not active or stopped. Close/minimize this screen and check to see your db is active or you see 'Start' button. Click on the 'Start' button and it becomes active click on 'Open' button and select your db (if your db name is not neo4j). On the right pane you should see db name before the $ sign.

Try running this query: MATCH (d:Disease)-[:FOR]-(s:Symptoms)
RETURN d, s limit 12. You should see the results.

neo4j-community-3.5.28 okay let me try that

my db name is neo4j and its the other csv files that are failing to load they arent showing

the other three