Trying to implement dates in my Augmented Schema using neo4j-graphql-js

I'm using the GRAND stack starter to create a new project. I've been able to get quite a bit done with it. However, using the auto-generated schema if I try to use Date as a data type, this causes an error:

I've tried a number of variations i.e. DateString, DateTime and always with the same result. the type I'm trying to create looks like:

Has anyone run into a similar issue?

Hey Michael -

We haven't yet added Date types to neo4j-graphql.js - but we plan on doing this soon! (as well as the geospatial types, which is just Point for now).

In the mean time you could treat dates as a string or define a custom scalar in your GraphQL schema for date:

scalar Date

Hope that helps.

Is there any timeframe for this?

This is implemented now

For reference: Neo4j GraphQL Library - Neo4j GraphQL Library