Try to use my own dataset with Neo4j and GRANDstack

I'm learning GRANDstack, so I dowloaded the starter with npx command.

I use Neo4j Desktop, so for the localhost in .env file I gave:


I have all the files from this starter.
I already have data in my database in Neo4j Desktop.

So I changed the shema.graphql file in order to apply to my data.

I did this with 'Deploy to code Sandbox' in order to generate graphql code:

type KEYWORD {
   _id: Long!
   id: Int!
   keyword: String!
   appears_in: [ARTICLE] @relation(name: "APPEARS_IN", direction: OUT)

type ARTICLE {
   _id: Long!
   id: Int!
   label: String!
   seed_label: Int
   title: String!
   keywords: [KEYWORD] @relation(name: "APPEARS_IN", direction: IN)

I have in powershell: GraphQL server ready at
Next I tried to open the page but nothing happened.

Maybe I have to change code in other files of starter folder ?

I found the solution
The url to connect to playground is : http://localhost:4001/graphql doesn't work