Troubleshooting in Community Edition


In my company, we're using Neo4j Community Edition. We are thinking of jumping to the Enterprise Edition, but that would not be for this year, for budget reasons.

Yet we have our client-side application (made in Python) used by approximately 30 simultaneous users (at the maximum), and we do often experience the following issues:

  • Time out connections
  • Hanging server for several minutes
  • Memory getting full ("fixed" by setting up a nightly reboot, meh)

I am the only developer, so managing the database is only a small portion of my time. I also clearly under-estimated the Neo4j learning curve, especially regarding setting up and managing a Neo4j instance, leading me into stressful times when our instance crashes or hangs "for no reasons" (aka reasons I ignore OR mistakes I made), because I block all work, and am not able to provide a quick response. Which leads me to my point:

How do I efficiently troubleshoot issues with the Community Edition?

Most useful features (metrics, query logs) seems to be reserved for Enterprise Edition, fair enough, but is there a Community survival kit for troubleshooting :) ? Where do I even start looking?